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W14-48 Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Computational Terminology (Computerm) 15

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Computational Terminology (Computerm)

Pdf Export Search Proceedings of the 4th International Workshop on Computational Terminology (Computerm)
[W14-4800]: Patrick Drouin | Natalia Grabar | Thierry Hamon | Kyo Kageura

Pdf Export Search Generalising and Normalising Distributional Contexts to Reduce Data Sparsity: Application to Medical Corpora
[W14-4801]: Amandine Périnet | Thierry Hamon

Pdf Export Search Assigning Terms to Domains by Document Classification
[W14-4802]: Robert Gaizauskas | Emma Barker | Monica Lestari Paramita | Ahmet Aker

Pdf Export Search Identification of Bilingual Terms from Monolingual Documents for Statistical Machine Translation
[W14-4803]: Mihael Arcan | Claudio Giuliano | Marco Turchi | Paul Buitelaar

Pdf Export Search Terminology Questions in Texts Authored by Patients
[W14-4804]: Noémie Elhadad

Pdf Export Search NPMI Driven Recognition of Nested Terms
[W14-4805]: Malgorzata Marciniak | Agnieszka Mykowiecka

Pdf Export Search Bilingual Termbank Creation via Log-Likelihood Comparison and Phrase-Based Statistical Machine Translation
[W14-4806]: Rejwanul Haque | Sergio Penkale | Andy Way

Pdf Export Search The ACL RD-TEC: A Dataset for Benchmarking Terminology Extraction and Classification in Computational Linguistics
[W14-4807]: Behrang Q. Zadeh | Siegfried Handschuh

Pdf Export Search Building the Interface between Experts and Linguists in the Detection and characterisation of Neology in the Field of Neurosciences
[W14-4808]: Jesús Torres-del-Rey | Nava Maroto

Pdf Export Search A comparative User Evaluation of Terminology Management Tools for Interpreters
[W14-4809]: Hernani Costa | Gloria Corpas Pastor | Isabel Durán Muñoz

Pdf Export Search Automatic Annotation of Parameters from Nanodevice Development Research Papers
[W14-4810]: Thaer M. Dieb | Masaharu Yoshioka | Shinjiroh Hara | Marcus C. Newton

Pdf Export Search Evaluating Term Extraction Methods for Interpreters
[W14-4811]: Ran Xu | Serge Sharoff

Pdf Export Search Unsupervised Method for the Acquisition of General Language Paraphrases for Medical Compounds
[W14-4812]: Natalia Grabar | Thierry Hamon

Pdf Export Search Identifying Portuguese Multiword Expressions using Different Classification Algorithms - A Comparative Analysis
[W14-4813]: Alexsandro Fonseca | Fatiha Sadat | Alexandre Blondin Massé

Pdf Export Search Towards Automatic Distinction between Specialized and Non-Specialized Occurrences of Verbs in Medical Corpora
[W14-4814]: Ornella Wandji Tchami | Natalia Grabar