The staff of the ACL Anthology can process requests for both errata and revisions for scholarly works that are already published. These are processed at a lower priority than normal ingestion, maintenance and development work for the Anthology, but will be processed in due course. While this service can help correct post-publication problems, due to certain difficulties and liabilities, the corrections have certain limitations, which we describe here. It is strongly recommended to ensure your work is correct when published.

  • An Erratum clarifies errors made in the original scholarly work. Usually these are just short notes, correcting statements, equations or other problems in the original, and needs to be read with the original work.
  • A Revision is a replacement to the original scholarly work (take note of the caveat below). This format allows a correction to be read independently of the original scholarly work, but does not call highlight where the original has errors.

Please take note of the following before requesting either service:

  • The original published version is not invalidated by either service. The original will still stand as published and cannot be withdrawn. When using the ACL Anthology URL assigned to resolve the document, the original document will be found.
  • The metadata page for the work and any indexing listing or search result will indicate the availability of an erratum or a revision.
  • If the original work needs to be invalidated, we need to issue a retraction, a statement that replaces the original work's PDF. This is a drastic measure that may have legal repercussions, and should be avoided whenever possible. You must inform your proceedings and general chair of the hosting event, or journal editor-in-chief, before attempting to issue a retraction.
  • Any accompanying full volumes will not be retrofitted with either revisions or errata. Similarly, you do not need to provide the proper footers or headers for either revisions or errata. It is still recommended that you keep page numberings of the original work, where possible.
  • Requests to change the metadata of a work can be accommodated. If the metadata changes impact the work's physical form (e.g., adding an additional author), a revision must also be supplied.
  • Downstream consumers of the Anthology are typically notified of the change in your work's manifestation, but there are no guarantees that those services (e.g., search engines) will update their particulars.

To request this service, email the current ACL Anthology editor, providing the .PDF erratum or revision that you wish to replace it with. You need to send your request from an email address associated with the paper, and CC: any additional authors that are listed in the work. You will need to also provide the ACL Anthology ID (e.g., P00-1001) of the work you are referring to.

Please note that due to the low priority for this service, it may take a while to process. We expect to batch process such requests no later than once per month.